Day 73: Saturday, April 30 - Arlington Garden Party

I wish I had pictures. The Arlington Garden was filled with people, filled with wildflowers, filled with birds, filled with over 100 paintings from wonderful local artists who had come and painted in the Garden.  We had a party! We sold many wonderful paintings, we sold marmalade made from the orange groves on the property, we sold lavender sachets that I had made from the lavender fields........

Speaking of which.  I had painted my first oil painting, very impressionistically, of the lavender in the Garden and I'll be darned...... someone actually paid good money for it and took it, in its gold oil painting required frame, home with them.  Wish I knew who's going to hang it on their wall.  Wish I had taken a picture of it in its gold frame. I actually was quite proud of myself. 

The sales were busy......I even sold my watercolor that I had done and had talked about in an earlier post.

I had framed it wonderfully, I thought but again, I have no idea whose home this ended up in.  Too many wonderful people buying, too many wonderful people admiring........Just a wonderful day.

I crawled home to a scotch and water, ibuprofen and bed.  But it was worth it!

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