Day 87: Tuesday, May 24

Sunday was the last of the 6 weeks of oil painting lessons. It's been fun to have 3 quiet hours on a Sunday morning, out of the house, where you have to concentrate on painting.  Took another blank canvas (I paint too fast to work on the same canvas for consecutive weeks).  Took a photo of a tumbleweed  to class with me that I had taken in Park City, Utah, last year when I was there painting with my fellow painters.
Had meant to do this in watercolor as I think it would be wonderful to try to make the rocks with the sun's highlight along the top edge.  But, I decided to try it in oil.  So interesting that I'm trying to do oil washes (like you would do in watercolor) so that a color will bleed through the next coat of oil paint.  Got some of the background in, got the large rock pieces in....have a ways to go, but here's as far as I got:

I added one more challenge painting site to the list at the side of this blog. Studio Atelier. They've had some interesting challenges that my friend Nancie Johnson's been participating in.

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  1. Jill - these are soulful - rich and so potenet - I lov ethem:) Alison