Day 72: Friday, April 29

Oh my........long day getting ready for the Arlington Garden Party tomorrow. Set up all the grids to hang the paintings after having driven all around town picking them up yesterday.

But had a wonderful highlight:  Crazy women friends years ago used to give an annual party with a theme. In 1982, 'cuz everyone remembered, they gave a royal wedding party in honor of Lady Di's wedding. We were required to wear hats, wear gloves, have handbags......lots of diamonds (rhinestones anyone?)...twas fun.  Then the parties dwindled away until this year. This afternoon, I got out my same hat that I'd worn to Lady Di's wedding and wore it to Katy and William's wedding........that luscious event. Such fun to watch all that pageantry.  The hats were awesome.

Moi in my designer hat from Chaz of Beverly Hills.
Purchased at the Salvation Army for 2.50 in 1982
She wanted photos to prove to her grandchildren
that she's crazy!

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