Day 146: You can tell I've not been painting!

Don't know if you've seen this

Here's the humor I try to provide in each post.

and then the real world:

This weekend was the Art Expo here in Pasadena, California.  I went early Friday morning and took a plein air class from Frank Eber.  He had some gorgeous landscapes/cityscapes on view around the classroom. 

Look at this beauty and look at the atmosphere!!
I have a feeling it might be Frank's favorite as well
as it wasn't for sale.

Some of my friends from Peggy Reid's painting class were also there. Peggy kept saying "tonal paintings, tonal paintings - it all depends on the value of the paint".  I didn't understand and was really in a not too nice mood.  I've been thinking about his process though for the last 48 hours and am feeling much nicer about maybe?? having learned something.  I need some time to paint and just try it out without the stress of having to "produce" in 3 hours!

Bought some Richeson 300# paper just to have some much less expensive paper than Arches to work on.  I know that I paint way too wet for the 140# paper I've been using and it just makes painting so frustrating when the paper buckles and warps. 

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