Day 138: Sunday, October 9 - The Best Deal in Town!!

The very best deal in Los Angeles, unknown to most, enjoyed by the few.

Today Dudamel performed in theaters across the United States as part of the Philharmonic Live in HD Performances.  It was a full Mendelssohn program with a violinist, Janine Jansen, a gorgeous woman from Holland.  It is broadcast from the Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles via cameras mounted throughout the orchestra.  You are upclose and personal, looking at Dudamel's face, looking at the individual concert members.
The best part though is when the actual concergoers have an intermission, we, the theater audience go backstage with Dudamel, Janine, we watch rehearsals of the music, we interview's a fantastic deal!!

The next program is February 2, 2012, broadcast from Caracas, Venezuela - Dudamel's hometown.  He'll be conducting Mahler's 8th with the L.A. Phil, the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela, combined with multiple choirs and soloists in Mahler’s “Symphony of a Thousand”.  It should be a fantastic broadcast and a fantastic experience.  Because of the 1000 singers and musicians on the stage at the same time, I think it would be an incredible experience for slightly older children.  Experience music with the ability to fidget a bit?

You can go online to Fathom Events, type in your zip code, choose your event, print out a ticket and go to the theater.  In my local area, Pasadena, CA there are two HD theaters that broadcast these events.  The Alhambra Renaissance Theater on the corner of Garfield and Main in Alhambra and the AMC at the Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia.  There are 29 theaters in Southern California that participate.

In a separate blog entry I'm going to talk about the incredible deal that's available for opera lovers throughout the world.  Me? Any kind of music except for extreme jazz and I'm a happy camper, tapping my feet, sometimes singing along to the annoyance of my seat mates, just plain happy when there's music around.

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