Day 139: Tuesday, October 11 - David Lobenberg's Portraits in Payne's Grey

I've followed David Lobenberg's work for ages. He's an adjunct art professor, (whatever that means), workshop instructor, gallery and commission artist. He has an MA degree from UCLA and he mainly paints in watercolor.

I started watching him because he was "into" portrait work and he mounted a couple of painting challenges.  One of the most fun challenges was a self portrait of yourself in a hat.  I tried and tried to get a photo of myself and finally gave up and submitted..................

Go to the link above and see some of the wonderful submissions.

His blog entry today was that he was going to be demo-ing at the Sacramento Fine Art Center and thought, because he's been messing around with the idea lately, that he'd paint four portraits in his allotted hour using only Payne's Grey.  He got his paper ready with his drawings:

and is thinking that while one wash is drying, he can work on one of the other drawings.  I've always wanted to take a workshop from him and he and I have talked but could never come up with anything conclusive as to dates, times, formats, where to do it.........okay Valley Watercolor Society: go for it, get David to be one of your workshops!!

Here's some of the other black and white work he's been doing lately. Gorgeous as is most of his work.  He comments in today's post about not doing any color portrait work until you've mastered mono paintings. Interesting thought and obviously he's been working on it!!

david's portrait of himself