Day 146: Far flung friends, Carol Marine's challenge, Annelein Beukenkamp's portraits

In my plea in a former posting, I wanted farflung friends to send handdrawn postcards those lucky people in the Postcard From My Walk blog.  I've heard from 3 people who expressed an interest.  I'll contact you and let's see if we can get something up and running!!  Looking forward to our discussion via the internet.

On another note: Always looking for something to paint and once again, Carol Marine is leading the charge on the website Daily Paintworks.  There is a Challenge mounted every week or so.  This week's challenge as posted by Carol is an easy one.  Take a look and give it a try!!

And then I got today's posting from Annelein Beukenkamp, a fabulous watercolorist who lives in Vermont.  I've followed her blog for several years and so enjoyed her peonies, iceland poppies, flowers in general.  And then she became obsessed with portrait work.  She hired Ted Nuttall to come to Vermont and present one of his fabulous workshops (I've hired him to come once again to Pasadena on May 14-18, 2012 if you have any interest) and since then has been posting some really fabulous works of hers on her blog. Look at her latest:

And I've asked her to come to Pasadena for a workshop in October of 2012! How can we even know if we'll still be painting by then!!


  1. your blog is all-encompassing, i do so enjoy all your posts. Great way to learn more.
    Thanks Cyn