Day 148: Early snow in New York

My son sent me this photo from the NY Times, showing the first snowstorm of the "season".  Enjoy it. It's gorgeous.  It's so amazing the amount of damage it did to those trees, fully leaved out in fall colors.  The snow was heavy and wet and really tore the trees apart.

and then all the power and the gas were lost......brrrr! But look at this photograph as if it were something to be painted. Wow! Those headlights, that red coat, that John Salminen blur of the architecture.


A friend and watercolor painting teacher, Rose Sinatra, sent out a few paragraphs from a friend of hers, Robert Glenn, regarding painting or any artistic endeavor. It was well written and sure described what I've been mentioning in this blog for days. The inertia on my part, the lack of things to paint, the feeling that it's a must rather than a "wanna". Read his comments and ponder on them yourselves.

Recent studies of teenagers' use of cellphones and other electronic devices have revealed some interesting results. Apparently, if you deprive kids of social networking for a week or so, a high percentage become significantly depressed. They also lose efficiency, will, enthusiasm and sleep. Their marks go down and their lassitude goes up.

For many artists, something similar happens when "the work quotient" is taken from their lives. A couple of unproductive days can send some creative folks into the dumps. They may not even be aware of what's happening to them. "Fear of restart" and permanent creative catatonia can set in after long-term abstinence.

Fact is, good easel time is a noble dependency that makes you a happier, more generous person--better able to enjoy an enriched family and social life.

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  1. This picture is the picture I make in my head every time I envison a snow storm! Thanks for sharing the picture, and the paragraphs by Robbert Glenn.