Day 144: I want some farflung friends.....

I've been thinking on this and thinking on this

I want some farflung art friends...
or maybe some nearby friends?.................

Every time I look at the website "A Postcard From My Walk"  I am filled with envy.  A group of 12 people from around the world (I would accept from around the United States) send a postcard once a month to someone on the list - in the course of the year covering all members once. 

Look at their last posting and tell me you're not drooling!!

A Postcard From My Walk

Every month we each create a postcard from a walk
....and send it around the world another member of the group

says the woman who owns the blog......
(potager meaning kitchen garden in French) 

and the postcard then says:
MarĂ­lia Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen has now left Coin Perdu for the winter but took one last chance to sketch the potager in all its glorious chaotic state.
Her description of "all over the place tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, herbs, marigolds, celery and physalis hiding their golden fruits in gentle yet firm lanterns, soon to explode with seductive sweetness" paints such a wonderful word picture. But you can see that from this lovely sketch which captures the scene in the potager at this time of year. I love the way Marilia uses pen and watercolour so spontaneously and lyrically to tell the story of the place.

Then there's the envelope showing the
" white pumpkins stretching their arms in every direction and ruling the garden with dominant huge canopies " beautifully done in mixed media.
I want to be there too - I can almost see the insects scurrying around exploring the new wildness as the garden returns to its untamed state ."""
Does anyone want to be a part of my group? We'll see how we do - you only need to draw one postcard a month to send to one of the 11 other members.....your job is to draw a postcard, your job is to send it randomly to the people on the list....your job is to be one of my farflung friends.

Contact me if you think this might be fun?    polsby  at

I am personally in charge of the selections.  Auditions now being held!!


  1. What a wonderful idea and opportunity to share.

  2. Brilliant idea, I want to do it too ;)part of the beauty of ourselves that sometimes we forget. You're beautiful, Jill. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm about as far-flung as you can get! Jill, count me in please!