Day 46: Wednesday, March 23

I follow Myrna Wacknov's Creative Journey blog. She loves portrait work and is always experimenting with different surfaces, different paints, different styles.  She has an IPad and has downloaded the Sketch Club App from the App Store. She enthuses daily about how much fun she's having drawing with this App and has now purchased a stylus to make the drawing process easier. I'm downloading the App "as we speak" even though I know for a fact that my drawings won't even come close to the near perfection of Myrna's.  Here's Myrna's latest drawing from her IPad using the Sketch Club application. 

While looking around the web for where you could buy a stylus (I'm going to have to ask Myrna), I came across another artist's blog, Mia Robinson,  who talked all about how to use the Sketch Club, how the various tools worked, etc.  Feel free to read up on this App.

And then I heard from Myrna:  Hi Jill,
The stylus is by Targus and I bought it at Best Buy for $20.  It appears to be solidly built and should hold up.  It is the second one I have purchased.  The first one was crap!  So now we all know.

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