Day 47: Thursday, March 24,

The Daily Paintworks, a group of artists committed to painting daily and posting daily, mount a challenge a week.  A challenge that caught my eye was the Zippo Lighter Challenge.  I remember using Zippo lighters when we were all Marlboro smokers - and thought we were so cool. 

So trying to follow their instructions of painting the image using only burnt sienna, ultramarine blue and titanium white (except using white to blend a new color is for oil painters), here's my submission.

Their challenge this week is to help Japan by painting and selling a picture. This link will take you to the challenge itself. 

The rules:  For this Challenge, it could be anything - your mom, your child, your house, your childhood pet, a view from your room, a street scene of your old neighborhood, flowers in your backyard... The possibilities are endless and it's up to your imagination. After you enter, tell all your friends and collectors about this event and encourage them to bid. The more money we raise as a group, the better.

If you sell your work, please agree to donate the proceeds to an organization who collects donations for disaster relief efforts in Japan. Also, please indicate where you will donate to in the description for your painting.

So if you're in a painting mood, take a look at the DailyPaintworks.Com and join in on one of their challenges.

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