Day 49: Monday, March 28

Someone sent me a link to a website that deals with "home" and the luxuries therein.  One of their blog entries was about String Gardening. I think it's gorgeous, can't imagine doing it myself, but find myself looking at the plantings time and time again...........all so that I won't have enough time to paint? 

Started a painting of John Lennon.....Put down a couple of washes and left it to dry last Friday. Worked on it over the weekend and here's the result. Don't know what happened to his nose in the first version. I drew him in about 32 seconds flat rather than spend ages and ages perfecting the drawing and I didn't think my version was all that bad. Painting left something to be desired, but at least I was "working".  I should always post the reference photo.

And then I found in my picture taking, I had taken a picture of my source:

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