Day 41: Wednesday, March 2

There's a wonderful multi-talented artist out there, Suzanne McDermott, who I mentioned very early on in this blog.  She is a songwriter, singer, painter of merit, loves cats..........Her blog(s) were always so interesting to read: there was music to listen to (my favorite being "Les Choristes"), books to read (my favorite being "Falling Through Space" by Ellen Gilchrist, a former NPR commentator, thoughts for the day.

Today I was looking at her blog, commiserating with her (she took a fall from her "loft" studio which had no safety railing) and smashed her foot to smithereens....My heart goes out to her.  But, and this is where I was going with this.....

In my Tuesday painting class that I've been talking about, where combinations of people are painting panels from "The Conversation" - or at least in the manner of The Conversation......Lo and behold Suzanne posted a fabulous music video which is one man's version of a conversation with himself and some music.

I've emailed her telling her thank you for this wonderful youtube video.


  1. ...and "Thank YOU" for sharing this wonderful video of "one man's conversation with himself" in your blog! The combination of art and music and the message it brought was amazing. I was truly moved by it!

  2. I can't take credit for it totally. I always give Suzanne McDermott credit when it's been her "find"....She always has mention of such interesting things!