Day 122: Friday, August 26 - Air Swimmers

I have an aquarium in our dining room.  A 100-gallon tank. With 4 Koi fish. Who are 7 years old at my house (who knows how old they were when I bought them), who outgrew their 27 gallon tank so for Christmas I gave them a new, huge tank...............and they have expanded to fit their space. 


They're huge!  And they know me and come frantically to the corner of the tank every morning to be fed. And they're carnivores.  If you put any other kind of fish but a koi in their tank, they eat it.......lost a really fluffy gold fish this way in the beginning.  They love to have a sliced orange tossed in the tank so I do this right before I clean the tank - which is often because they're really dirty fish.  And then for my birthday and theirs (the fish have my birthday assigned to them as does the cat - that way I know how old they all are. Dogs always have my older sister's birthday since Australian shepherds tend to be born in May.)...and then for my birthday and theirs, I bought myself and them a new little brother, Nemo.  It took Nemo a day or two to figure out how to grab  some food from the big guys, but he's well on his way to becoming a big monster too. 

My husband sent me this link in an email today.  Absolutely love it!!  For all of the above reasons.

Maybe my husband's getting me one of these for my Virgo birthday?

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