Day 121: Thursday, August 25 - Why the hell not!?

What a hiatus!!  My mind has been racing as has my body....too many fun things happening and no time to talk about them!  Today is a "for the hell of it day".  The latest Artist Magazine arrived asking, no begging, for entries from "old people" - old if you're over 60 and since my children are the only people I know who are younger than 60, moi decided to enter.

"Why the hell not" was my thought.

So I found the jpeg files on the computer and sent them off via the on-line entry form.  Have always loved the portrait of my cousin Swampy whose Virgo birthday and my Virgo birthday will be communally celebrated on the 8th with my Virgo sister.....

And then there's this portrait of Carol Marine, the Cheerleader for all of us, leading daily painting challenges, egging us on through her blog.....

And then the portrait of Karin Jurick, who mounted fantastic painting challenges before she became incredibly famous.  She now has the most fabulous paintings and a wonderful blog.  If you don't know her work, go take a look!! 

Karin had the most fantastic painting challenge of anyone.  She had over 180 people, all followers of her work, send her a photo of themselves. She then paired each of us up with an unknown person.  We had to paint them, they had to paint us, and we all had to submit our paintings so that she could post this incredible challenge.  I painted a wonderful (I thought) portrait that I've always called the "Hairdresser"

The hairdresser never returned the portrait she was supposed to paint of me.  But!!  I got my portrait painted by Karin which was, I thought, a really good deal!!  Because of Karin's generosity of time and spirit in mounting this fun, fun challenge, I secretly mounted a Thank You Challenge to Karin. It was the subject of my very first blog, over a year ago now.  I contacted everyone that I could who had painted for Karin, sent them a photo of Karin that I had found on the internet and we all painted from the exact same photo.  I had a book made of the paintings at Snapfish which we mailed her.  The link to all of the paintings that were done is at Picasa.  I'm still blown away that all these unknown people painted for me and that I was able to get everything up and onto the internet. Karin was stunned which was what it was all about.  Go to this Picasa link to see the paintings.

I'll try to catch up with what I've been doing.

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  1. You are AMAZING!! What a great idea......and hey......I'm not QUITE sixty;))))) Thanks for the links....I'm off to check them out!