Day 123: Monday, August 29: The Conversation with Nancie Johnson continues.....finally

I have been having way too much fun in too little time!  Have been feeling very guilty about having both ends of "The Conversation" that Nancie Johnson and I are doing for the Sketchbook Project.  This morning, having had two weeks to contemplate this particular conversation (The Helix), I locked myself into the painting room and painted away.  Got my next addition to The Conversation completed and off it will go in today's mail.

This is what Nancie sent me several weeks ago. I have to paint off of the right hand edge:

 And this is what I painted, off of her right hand edge.  Since the final "conversation" needs to wrap itself back around to the front page (or at least we think that's how it should end) I decided to put some dark blue back into the painting to get that color flowing again.  Ergo? dark blue wine bottle which doesn't exist in nature!

And when hooked together? Here's the continuation of the story.

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