Day 10: 2 more paintings of Karin

I've added two more paintings to the Thank You Project for Karin Jurick.  I notified everyone of David Christy's wonderful painting which I totally screwed up on and failed to add to the Photo Album we sent Karin.  And then today another wonderful painting from Violetta Smith arrived in my email inbox which I added to the Picasa Album.

You'll have to scan all the photos to find those two. I have yet to figure out how Picasa sorts things. I asked for a sort by name.........and how the paintings are now? Is how Picasa thought they should be sort. Go figger!

1 comment:

  1. Sorting? We don't need no stinkin' sorting! :-)
    The Picasa page is REALLY cool when the images are sized to smallest. A little spooky, too.
    Is Picasa the feminine of Picaso?

    Happy bloggin'

    Ken B.