Day 13: Charles Reid!!

I'm in Concord, California taking a class from Charles Reid! Whoopee!! Will have photos to post of the process when I get home and have access to my own computer, but I just wanted to say how excited I am to be taking a class from this "Master"!.  About 20 people, men and women, wonderful painters one and all. Today Charlie demonstrated all morning, painting from a model, talking all the while. Then in the afternoon, we painted from one of two models.............Tomorrow morning a critique.  Such fun.

I finally put together the photos from one session with Charles Reid. One young model in bib overalls. It's wonderful to watch the "start" of one of Charles' paintings to see how the face emerges.  Enjoy.   Charles Reid
I've heard from two more people who wanted in on the Karin Jurick Thank You Project so again, when I get home, I will upload their paintings to the Picasa site so that all of Karin's fans can view the latest works of art.

Signing off now.  Talk again later.  Jill.

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