Day 19: Arlington Garden's 5th Anniversary

In an earlier post, I mentioned the Arlington Garden, a fabulous Mediterranean Garden that was founded and nourished by a couple, Betty and Charles McKenney, Pasadenans through and through. We celebrated the 5th Anniversary of the founding of the Garden last Saturday. I had invited all the plein air painters I knew to come paint in the Garden and then to submit their work for an outdoor exhibit.  I think we had about 20-25 painters and we sold 12 paintings!! Wonderful money for the Garden's Foundation Bank Account at a 25% commission.  I actually sold my very first painting ever, the one I did of Brenda Swenson painting in the Arlington Garden!! Whoopee, is 2010 wonderful or what?
The Garden has many orange trees, being Mediterranean. The oranges were prolific this year and the local Boy Scout troop was asked to pick the oranges as a project. Then Waldo's made marmalade, all of which was sold at the benefit. I think 100 cases of marmalade total! I had gathered lavender over many weeks at the Garden, drying it and stuffing lavender sachet sacks which sold for $5.00 and which were all snatched up.  It was a wonderful, sunny day with everyone in a generous mood.  Maybe next year we'll try again as it was such a wonderful affair.

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  1. Hi Jill,
    How fun is is to know you sold your very first painting...of me. Congratulations!