Day 17 - many days later

Back to painting after a several weeks long hiatus. Came home from my wonderful Charles Reid class in northern California and promptly left for Vermont and my friend's wonderful old farm. 

Back to Pasadena where I've become involved with a public garden: The Arlington Garden .   At the bottom of this link is a map to the Garden. You won't believe how beautiful it is right now and probably for the next 3 or 4 weeks!

This Garden, a Mediterranean extravaganza which uses no water, is in bloom right now - absolutely spectacular.  Thursday a group of plein air painters met there to paint and they'll be there again next Thursday, the 22nd. Tuesday, the 20th,  a group of oil painters are assembling in the afternoon.  Any artist who paints in the Garden is welcome to submit their painting for sale at our 5th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, May 8. You need to contact me though so that I'll know how much hanging space we need to display these wonderful works.  The Garden will take 25% of the sale price to help fund its Foundation.  There will also be fabulous Orange Marmalade for sale which was made from the orange trees on the Garden's grounds by Waldo's Jam Company in Sierra Madre, CA   There will also be lavender sachets available, again, made by hand from the many varieties of lavender found in the Garden.  (Tooting the horn here, inviting everyone to come to the Celebration in the Garden on May 8.)

A friend alerted me this morning to a painting done in the Garden on Thursday by Marian Fortunati. Enjoy her  painting of bearded irises.     I'm hoping Marian's painting will be one of those for sale on May 8.

Have found some more fun challenges for all of us looking for "things to paint". I'll post those in my next post. 

Come join us in the Garden!  Here's my painting from that day - actually Brenda Swenson was in front of me painting one of her wonderful paintings, so I painted her.  Enjoy.

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  1. Hi Jill,

    Thanks for mentioning my blog.... I just think your Arlington Gardens are beautiful. I hadn't heard of them before but have now told all of my friends about them. I don't live that close, but I'm going to try to come out again before May 8th to paint.
    The flowers and other plants are spectacular. You and your community should be so proud!!!