Day 5: Practice Paintings of Karin

I was tidying up my "studio" (a fold up card table in the guest bedroom) and came across the preliminary paintings I had done of Karin before I painted the one which became my final version. Thought it was interesting that such slight variations in a nose? in the width of a face? made such definite changes to the same face. So for your enjoyment herewith are the 3 other paintings I did of Karin Jurick.

I do portrait work by (1) drawing the face on drawing paper, not watercolor paper. I then (2) trace my drawing onto tracing paper. Then (3) using a light table, I transfer the drawing to the 140# cold press Lanaquarelle paper I've been using.  As I (4) paint the face I note where I'm going wrong. Back to the drawing, change the nose a little, lift the lips a little, fix the tracing paper image, light table it onto another piece of w/c paper, etc etc until I feel I've finally gotten the drawing right.  I realize this creates a lot of work for myself but I always feel better about the images of "real" people when I do them this way.

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  1. I loved seeing your practice portraits and it makes me know for sure something I've been telling myself for a long time. You need to paint the subject over and over and it WILL become a masterpiece. This is so evident in your paintings of Karen. Thanks for posting these. Great job!