Day 154: English painter Jean Haines

Peggy Reid, a watercolor teacher, told me about an English blog: Watercolours with Life, run by Jean Haines. 

Juicy, delicious, colorful, enchanting........not enough words to describe her work.  She lives somewhere in Great Britain, undisclosed location.

Look at her painting of an owl!

and then there's this beginning painting of a hare,
not a rabbitt.....this is Great Britain!

and then yesterday I made note of the fact that Jean's famous horserace paintings were being "stolen" via the internet, painted by someone else, and sold by someone else so she's had to take all images off of the internet.  Not fair!  She has an exhibit going on at the Wey Gallery in England.  If you take a look at her work, as shown at the gallery, you can see some of her fabulous race horses. Hope no one steals those too!!

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