Day 149: The Army of Women and the Month of October, 2011

This month, October, 2011, has been dedicated in so many ways to Breast Cancer, its research, its organizations, its causes.  Football teams have been wearing pink shoes.  I'm sure if the basketballers had been doing their jobs rather than on strike, they too would have had pink on their shoes or their uniforms.  It's been an interesting month seeing everyone's involvement.

For about 2 years now I've been involved, as a volunteer, with the Avon/Susan B. Love "Army of Women" and have asked you, all of you, several times via this blog, to please become involved

Last Sunday, October 30, was a huge push across the nation to get to the one million mark of women who are willing to be part of this research project.  I spent the morning at the Panera Bakery in Glendale, California approaching every single woman above the age of 18 asking for their help and participation.  There were 4 other wonderful women there and between the 5 of us, we signed up 78 women.  By signing up, I mean they were willing to give us their email address and their name.  The involvement after this point is totally up to them.  By releasing your email address to the Army of Women you will receive one email.  It will ask you if you are willing to receive one or two emails a month regarding breast cancer and women.  Here is the link to become involved:

There are studies going on all over the United States, using women, not lab animals, to see if they can isolate causes of cancer.  One of the women this morning, for example, is of Eastern European Jewish extraction.  She took part in a study that only involved her sending a sample of her saliva, in a provided kit, to the researcher on this particular project who happens to be in Milwaukee?   I'll have to go back and read up on that one to get the actual fact.  I volunteered about a year ago to have blood work done at a local lab, paid for by the Army of Women, and the blood would then be sent to a project where they are comparing people who don't have cancer and who don't have cancer in their families, with families with genetic markers.  Easily done!  I have been part of the Women's Health Initiative, a project that's been going on for probably 15 years now. I volunteered early on in the WHI because they were trying to find out if hormone replacement caused problems, if nutrition made a difference in menopause - all kinds of things having to do with women.  I think because of the WIH, I was sent an email by the "Women's Army" and I signed up immediately.  I don't have cancer but I know so many women, and men, who do that I feel it's necessary for every single one of us to get involved who can.

So please do me and every woman the favor of at least looking at the Army of Women's website and signing up.

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