Day 38: 2012 Sketching/Drawing

My whole life, whenever I've been on the telephone with someone, I've always drawn heads. When I'm in a long meeting, I draw heads and any people's faces I can see. It doesn't seem to take me away from the conversation/concentration but I suddenly realized that this is what I do and what I've always done.  Maybe I've always wanted to be a portrait person.

Was on the phone with a friend the other day.  All over my desk are accumulations of photos torn out of the newspaper.  On top of the pile was a photo of Joe Paterno left over from that mess at Penn State.  I started my initial sketch.  This is as far as I got that day.

Some other phone call, I'll do him again, and again, and pretty soon I'll photo enlarge him, having gotten the gist of his face, draw him 8x10 or so and have at him with the watercolor paints.  That part is always so much fun.

Here's as far as I got the first time.


  1. Very insightful, your approach. I don't have the desire (or talent) to tackle portraits - but I find it very interesting that you are so comfortable with them that they become a sort of "doodle" while on the phone. And also, that you repeat the doodle process until you have the gist of the face, then you tackle the portrait larger & with watercolors.

  2. Nice sketch Jill. What a good way to use your time as you talk on the phone. I've been thinking about trying portraits but I'm so intimidated by the thought that I haven't even tried yet.

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  4. Well done. And thank you for adding a painting challenges list to your blog, very helpful and inspiring.
    Happy Painting.

  5. Nice! My mom and sisters are artists and they do the same. I have no talent with drawing, so my phone time is spent tidying my kitchen while I chat :) Thanks for the tip on using Raisin Bran for bran muffins.

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