Day 37: 2012 The Little Chicken and Sketchbooks with removable pages

Have you seen what a group of us have been up to with regards to the Travelling Chicken?
About the Project

Would you have any interest in joining in? It's been fun, seeing what other people can think of with regards to the Little Chicken.
We "require" that the participating artists have a blog and most of you most certainly qualify!
If you want to join in on the fun, send me an email:  polsby     at

And then for all you sketchers out there.  Came across an interesting sketchbook which has removable, replaceable pages.  You can organize your sketchbook long "after the fact", you can remove "bad" pages, you can insert more sketches.........sounds pretty good and I didn't know if you'd heard of it yet.
50# paper
Never have really like canson products but this could be interesting.

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