Day 39: 2012 - The Traveling Chicken ........again

The Traveling Chicken made it to Hyderabad, India!  She left Carol Marine's house in Oregon and made the perilous journey in the company of El Pollo Loco, across the ocean to a very foreign place for her.  She had a wonderful visit and met some wonderful friends. 

Take a look at  and enjoy her Indian visit.

She goes from Hyderabad, India to Great Britain............the list of artists who want to join her and us in her traveling quest is growing!  Take a look at where she's going! and "Oh The People She'll Meet" to quote Dr. Seuss.

If you have any interest, and if you are a blogger (one of the requirements), please click on the appropriate spot on the blog and let Nancie Johnson of New Jersey know you're interested.

I get the biggest smile on my face each time an artist posts her painting and her story.  Such fun!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder of the traveling chicken! The latest painting is sensational! Looking forward to my turn!
    Happy Painting.