Day 27: 2012 The Traveling Chicken and her blog

What seems like many months ago, a project was started.  The Traveling Chicken.  If you've been following the saga, and quite a saga it's been, you know that I've been waiting for a replacement chicken.  She arrived a day ago.  I spent all day today, literally, painting the Little Chicken so that I could send her on her way.  It's been about 3-4-5 months since I've painted anything and boy......the techniques do not come back easily!

Here are my attempts.  I'm going to post the last one as my addition to the blog and tomorrow? I'll pack her up and send her on to Ann Feldman of Illinois who has plans to take the Traveling Chicken across the border into Canada and paint the Chicken as she enjoys her next adventure.  After that she will be sent to (in no order) to either:
sandy sandy (that's her actual name) who lives in new jersey.
k.s. stitt, who lives here in southern california
All 3 of these painters commented on the Traveling Chicken via the blog.  If you have any interest in joining in on this fun, slow moving challenge, speak up via the comment section on the blog and we'll "vet" you and add you to the list of painters.
The Chicken and I spent a morning over a cup of coffee, discussing how she would best appear, minus her jet lag from her most recent trip.
And the paintings:

Bon Voyage Little Chicken
Enjoy your travels and tell us all about
the artists you meet along the way.
We're waiting to hear.


  1. I love what you did with Ms. Chickie here Jill. She looks very happy to get so much attention. Glad she finally settled down for you! ☺

  2. It was so nice of the TC to pose so many times after that long flight. She appears to have taken to the job just as easily as her unlucky friend. Let's hope that her travels are long and exciting. Have you warned her that the U.S. postal service is dangerous and should be approached with caution?

  3. have been painting...and painting...and painting...and painting! LOVE your "Traveling Chicken" series. Think you should mat all four together in one frame for your kitchen! Miss you!

  4. I love the Traveling Chicken saga! Neat paintings of her too! Thanks Jill~