Day 26: 2012 - Karin Jurick's fabulous paintings

Note: Sometimes you have to click on the link at the bottom of my blog post in order to see the whole post....sometimes just a portion of it actually shows up.  Yesterday's post was an example of that: only a partial post showed up. Very misleading.

For years now (maybe 3?) I've followed Karin Jurick's painting work.  I got started paying attention to her because she used to post a painting challenge on her blog "Different Strokes From Different Folks" that was portrait centered. And then she did the fantabulous portrait challenge where everyone (there were 158 of us if I remember correctly) painted each other.  I then mounted a reverse challenge where all of us painted a portrait of Karin.  That was so much fun and I was able to keep our challenge a secret from Karin until all most the very end when someone emailed Karin to ask where she should send the painting she had painted of her.  Oh well.  Karin was taken by surprise, which was the point of the whole thank you paint out!  

That's a way too long introduction of Karin Jurick.  She's a fabulous painter, usually painting on small canvases 4x4, 6x6, using big brushes.

 Her gestural paintings are phenomenal. Her portraits are fabulous.  Her paintings of people sitting on the beach in Florida are almost surreal they're so great. 

And she always paints people in museums.....juxtaposing what the museum visitors are doing with the actual painting.  They're wonderful too.

Spend some time reading her different blogs and just fall in love with how good she is!

Today's blog post from her is a man's face.  From her blogsite "Bust-Ed".  Karin searches the internet for jail "booking photos".  There are myriad thousands of these photos available and she never identifies anything about the person other than their face.  Check out today's face:

And then I started clicking around and ended up in Karin's Picasa (photo) account that contains all the faces.  Wow!  Enjoy! 

Her blog where she displays and talks about the photos:

Originally she painted a face a day, 100 faces, 100 days.  She now paints maybe one face a week because she's painting so many other things and has so many shows to paint for.

I just continue to love her work, love reading her blog, love seeing how hard work, doing a painting a day, pays off.  Enjoy.


  1. I love Karin's work and miss her "different strokes" blog too. Didn't know about these other places where to see her work. I will check it out. Thanks!

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