Day 34: Monday, February 21

Wow, have I been quiet or what. Re-entering the land of the living after what was supposed to be "drop by" surgery. 

There's an interesting new challenge site out there, a woman who gives full credit for her idea to Carol Marine and her Daily Paintworks Challenge. The latest site is the Rookie Painter, run by Jen Smith.  She posts a picture every 3 weeks, asks you to paint it however you want, and then upload it to her.  This challenge, due tonight at midnight: apples and their reflections.

I had a wonderful time yesterday painting away on this challenge and on The Conversation challenges from our Tuesday painting class. Felt good to paint for hours!  Above is my entry to the Rookie Painter Challenge.

Here's the photo that was posted.
Here's the panel I painted for the class "Conversation". AnnMarie Thomas gave me a skateboarder and some clouds. My job was to continue the right hand edge of her panel.....ergo: her clouds became the tails of my fish.

Here is the sequence of paintings. I've put 2 panels together to show the continuation from panel to panel.

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