Day 28: February 7, Monday

With a brief hiatus from the world, I got myself out of bed long enough today to paint my portion of  "The Conversation" that I am having with my painting friend Patty Smith.  As stated earlier, she painted the colored circles on the first page. I, using whatever lines spilled over onto the second page, created a second painting (or page), using the same colors, etc.  And now I'm going back to bed.
Tomorrow, she will have created a second page from the very complicated drawing I gave her of the coffee cup........She had a real challenge in that I had, I think, 9 different lines going on to the second page which had to be incorporated into the painting. Sorry Patty!


  1. Hi Jill - tracked you down & caught up with things on your blog. Sorry to hear you've had some health things - I went through a similar time in December. Hang in there! This piece is very interesting - gave me alot to look at with the various elements. Looking forward to seeing more of the collaboration.

  2. Hi Jill,
    You are an energetic upbeat I know you must be feeling pretty low. Hope you are on the road to recovery and back to your ole self soon!

  3. agradecia se escrevecem em portugues

  4. All artists not those "brief hiatuses" to recharge :) Nice Work!

  5. LOVE IT!!!! See you Tuesday and hope you're back to feeling like