Day 32: Friday, February 11

Left the house for 2 "social" things, both of which I find very important; lunch with a wonderful group of women friends and an afternoon of "Knitting for the Cause" where our local knit shop, "Stitch 'n Time", provides all the materials,  yarn, needles and patterns for  anyone (yesterday there were two men knitters) to come and knit hats and scarves which are then donated to our local Wellness Center.

I'm involved with "The Army of Women" and the incredible project that Avon Products and the Susan Love Research Foundation started. They are trying to enroll the women of America, all women, all sizes, all colors, all ages, into a massive study of breast cancer, possible causes, possible cures. There are research projects going on all over the U.S. and they need people to volunteer to be part of this research.  I receive about an email a week asking for very specific volunteers.  Last week's email for example asked for: "If you are a Black/African-American female breast cancer survivor living in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area and currently undergoing treatment (radiation, chemotherapy, and/or surgery) for breast cancer, OR you have finished radiation, chemotherapy, and/or surgery within the past 6 months, please read on and consider signing up."  I emailed this to my wonderful black friends asking for their help, asking them to ask their daughters and their daughter's friends.

I personally am part of a project that's taking place in Indianapolis but which involves blood sampling which will be done right here in Pasadena at a specific lab.  If we don't get involved when will we ever be able to help those we love overcome and those we don't know yet to be cured.

I rant vociferously asking for everyone's involvement in this project.

And then I came home and went back to bed.

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