Day 41: 2012 - Portrait Drawing Second Session

And back to Terry's class I went the following Tuesday night.  Oh the measuring! How hard it is!!  We are to block in the face, drawing angles, no round shapes allowed......

 Sitting to the side isn't bad in this class as there are only 4 of us.
But, you can see that I didn't "quite" get the angle.

Terry's lighting the models from the top so that everyone has a "lit" model, no artistic lighting.  We are to see the roundness of the face, the progression of shadow from the forehead down to the chin.
And enter the shadows accordingly.  Darn, this is really hard and here I thought it was just going to be practicing skills I thought I had nailed down years ago!
The models charge us to take photos.  I could understand charging us if they were nude models...... but these guys are sitting there, fully clothed, in Terry's garage....and one of the women wanted $20.00 per photo!  I'm too cheap. I have no photo of that model.  Most of them were $5 or $10, take a couple of photos, that'll be fine.  I like to have a photo of the person I was "trying to draw".

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