Day 31: James Gurney - Gurney Journey blog

James Gurney has a fabulous blog.  It's always full of interesting observations, interesting drawings and paintings.  Today's blog entry is all about observing shadows cast by tree leaves and why they look like they do.

An entry last week was of an older man at a concert. James travels with a Moleskin sketchbook and colored pencils and water pens and does these wonderful, onsite, immediate drawings. 

Done while the concert was going on.  It was also very interesting, to me at least, to read people's comments and questions regarding the above drawing so if you go to this blog entry, be sure and read the comments.

I'd say, just for an interesting read every day, subscribe to James' blog.


  1. Thanks so much, Jill. It's fun sharing my art with such an alert group of fellow artists, and I learn a lot by doing it.

  2. Thank you, your blog is so amaing, I like the paintings!
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