Day 28: 2012 Some gorgeous brushwork by Nora MacPhail

One of the artists, Sandy Sandy, (that's her real name) who's one of the artists selected to to paint the Little Chicken mentioned Nora MacPhail in her blog as someone who does great contour drawings and then emphasizes them with watercolors.  They're wonderful!  The link below is fun - it links to Daily Paintworks - and shows one of Nora's paintings with the ability to magnify the painting.  Look at how many colors, look at how many placements of's wonderful!

I subscribed to Nora's blog and keep getting these wonderful emails with her artwork. Today's morning started with the most gorgeous oranges!!  Enjoy.


  1. Wow Jill!!! Thanks so much. What a surprise when I came to your blog today! Thanks again.

  2. Soooo amazing, thank you for sharing so many paintings, they are so beautiful and touching my heart!
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