Day 18: 2012 - Environmental Installations

Environmental installations are a really cool way to surprise and delight passersby, and typically involve creating ephemeral sculptures or patterns with natural and found materials. Another great thing about environmental installations? They may not cost you anything to create. Leave a thoughtful stone sculpture or pile for someone to wonder at. Create a pattern by braiding long grasses. Make a teepee out of twigs on top of a boulder or in the middle of a woodland path.

Here are some stunning examples of well-known environmental works:

[Clemson clay nest by Nils-Udo (2005) via designboom]

[by Helsinki artist Jonna Pohjalainen]

[“Tight Chalk Spiral” by Martin Waters]

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  1. I love to do this up in the woods where they very rarely will ever even be discovered! Have to say I REALLY like the 'colored pencil' installation you have displayed here.

  2. Good, but your stuff is better

    Cyn Cason

  3. I love these! Would the pilings of rocks in Hawaii fit this category or is that a spiritual thing?