Day 17: 2012 Andy Goldsworthy's Installation Art

Yesterday's post about Zander Olsen's installation work reminded me of Andy Goldsworthy, someone whose work I haven't looked at for several years.  Love his work and loved the documentary that was done about him. 

"Rivers and Tides is a 2001 documentary about the artist, directed by filmmaker Thomas Riedelsheimer. The film received a number of awards, including the San Diego Film Critics Society and the San Francisco Film Critics Circle awards for best documentary. Now with this deeply moving film, shot in four countries and across four seasons, and the first major film he has allowed to be made, the elusive element of time adheres to his sculpture.  The director worked with Goldsworthy for over a year to shoot this film. What he found was a profound sense of breathless discovery and uncertainty in Goldsworthy's work, in contrast to the stability of conventional sculpture."

Here is a link to some of the first work I was aware of.  He worked in the forests with leaves, ice, water..........gorgeous pieces.   And then he started working on the beaches.  This photograph is what I was aware of him doing, long before I saw the other materials being used.  This whole structure is built of twigs and logs. Stunning.


  1. I love Andy's work! Thanks for the links, Jill. Very nice blog!

  2. I agree..very nice blog..