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Was reading Brenda Swenson's blog post today about her method and equipment that she uses to sketch on a daily basis.  Her bag is a wonderful bag that we have all bought at one point in time, trying to copy Brenda - because, you know, if you just have the same equipment as Brenda, or Charles Reid, or Ted Nuttall,'ll be just as wonderful a painter?   And when you say that to yourself, tell yourself to "go wish upon a star" at the same time!!  All 3 of these painters use a very fancy palette made in England, out of solid brass, by a man named Craig Young.  The boxes are in the hundreds of dollars but are absolutely gorgeous to the feel!  This little box is what they all have and when you take a class from them and see them handling this little, beautifully made, solid brass box.....It's hard to control the drool.

Because of Brenda's comment about the Craig Young box I wondered if anyone else had taken up the method.  Because we now have so many "individual" artists here in the U.S. and England?  Yes, 4 more box makers.  They're all still expensive but it's fun to read about them on this blog.  The blog writer's first name is Ron - never could find his last name - he actually uses a totally different palette for his outdoor trips and it's definitely affordable.  Not brass, alas, but the same configuration in plastic.  Frank Herring is this manufacturer's name and his palette is displayed below.  Ron, then, at the very last minute, mentions another palette box.


I've wasted the whole day.


Maybe I'll paint tomorrow using my brand new paints and my brand new palette that cost me 4.99.

And then one final click on a palette link and a whole, whole blog about palettes showed up.  Now you, too, can waste a whole day and a whole pocket full of change if you're not careful.

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