Day 46: 2013 Portrait Drawing Session Six

Barbara, Terry Kelly's wife had to step in
and play the part of the model when the model failed to show up.
One of the hazards of trying to hire live models.
They're a flaky bunch.

Jill's initial blocking in

Terry said to get the darkest of the darks into the drawing

Final drawing.  I was pleased.

I thought I'd remember each person
who did these drawings but it's been
several weeks and the memory has gone.

Another person's drawing

And a final drawing.


  1. Hi Jill
    I love seeing the stages of a drawing like this. Great stuff and what fun for you. You would think there would be a lot of young people who would want to model. A lot of them just hang out and don't move much anyway. ha ha

  2. I love the first portrait. She is very intense and complex. Wonderful work.