Day 36: 2012 Splash magazine 13

Bought the "Splash" magazine, 13th edition, because as always, there is some fantastic watercolor artwork.  Ted Nuttall was featured again. Congratulations to you! And some other fabulous people. I fell in love with the following painting of "The Girls on a Windy Day".

For those of you lucky enough to live in Phoenix, or nearby, Kim teaches.  I'd love to see how she does this wonderful work!!
Her technique reminds me of Ted Nuttall and Charles Reid....lush, lush use of watercolor!\
"Deep Thinker"
Go to her website and enjoy her wonderful work!

Day 35: 2012 - Portrait Painting At Its Worst

Spanish church mural ruined by well-intentioned restorer

Ecce Homo painting by Elías García Martínez was unremarkable until transformation by well-intentioned but hack-handed amateur.

The 19th-century painting was damaged by amateur art restorer Cecilia Gimenez, who said she had been given permission by the priest Link to this video

Somewhere in the north-eastern Spanish city of Borja, an elderly woman is probably praying that the road to hell is not really paved with good intentions.  There can be little doubt that the woman, identified only as an octogenarian local, was just trying to help when she noticed that the face of the scourged Christ on the wall of a small church in the city was looking a bit faded, and decided to freshen it up a bit.   Sadly for her – and Elías García Martínez, the 19th-century artist who painted the mural – her brush skills were not quite up to the job.   The unnamed amateur has transformed what was once a pleasant, if unremarkable, Ecce Homo into something that more closely resembles a bloated hedgehog than the image of Jesus before Pilate.

The press have dubbed her efforts "the worst restoration in history" and "a botched job", and the Borja authorities fear they are right.  According to the local paper,  El Heraldo de Aragon, the damage inflicted on the mural in the church of the Santuario de la Misericordia is being investigated by experts, but the artist's descendants are said to be unhappy that an individual decided to take the restoration job into her own hands and fear her handiwork is irreversible.

Juan María de Ojeda, a city councillor, said the woman, acting "spontaneously and with good intentions", had confessed what had happened as soon as she realised "that things had got out of hand".  He added that while the mural was not a work of great importance, it retained a certain sentimental value as the artist's family still have strong links to the area.  "The family used to come here on holiday," Ojeda told El Pais. "He painted the picture one summer and left it to the town."
Although no one seems sure when the woman embarked on the restoration project, news of the incident first surfaced on the blog of the Centre for Borja Studies a fortnight ago.

The centre posted some graphic before-and-after pictures, along with a plaintive message confirming that someone had recently been up to no good with a brush.  "As incredible as it may seem, this is all that remains of the work of an artist whose descendants still live in our city," it said. "We do not know whether this unspeakable deed can de remedied, but there can be no doubt whatsoever that someone should take the necessary action to ensure that such behaviour is not repeated. Whatever the motives were, it must be roundly condemned."

Day 34: 2012 The Traveling Chicken Again.

About the Project

Don't know if any of you have been following the incredible saga of the Traveling Chicken. Her story has only become better and better with all the participating artists! Everyone's had their own take on things: she posed for Picasso, she was kidnapped by a wild Kudzu plant, she went to Mexico and got smashed.......

Today's posting by Kathleen Williford of Georgia was great! Thanks Kathleen.

Check out the Little Chicken's story.

And remember, if you want to participate, you need to get in touch with Nancie Johnson.  You need a blog and that's the only basic requirement.

Day 33: 2012 - Letters of Note

Have only just taken up a brush again.  Paintings look like they did about 5 years ago: sophomoric, badly applied paint - but then, every once in a while, there's a portion of a painting which you really like.  The paints bled together, the color mix was great..........I'm thinking about just cutting these parts out of each painting and making a collage of pieces!  Actually that might be a fun thing to do rather than fill the wastebasket with the test paintings.

In the meanwhile, you find me reading O.P.B.  (Other People's Blogs) and whiling away the morning.  One of my favorite new finds is Letters of Note.  Gossipy, informative, fun.  Enjoy

Here are two of my latest paintings........landscape has never been my forte but I was trying......

And then there's Mark Twain.  Took a portrait painting class (my true love) from Rose Sinatra who's shortly moving "home" to New Jersey.  It was an interesting lesson in painting the shadows first, an unheard of "theory" in portrait, or watercolor painting, in general.  The portrait isn't finished, but it was such an interesting exercise that I thought I'd post it anyway.

Day 32: 2012 Annelein Beukenkamp workshop in Pasadena

Hi there everyone. I've hired Annelein Beukenkamp to come to Pasadena, California in October (October 16, 17, 18 - Tues, Wed, Thurs) to do a "Still Life with Flower Power" watercolor workshop. She will have just finished a tour with the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society and said she'd stay an extra week in California and come south for us.
Location is the Montrose Citibank Community Room.
Price: $295 for the 3 full days 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
I have always loved her work with flowers, roosters, still life, and lately she's begun to feature her portrait work on her blog and it is wonderful as well. I've tried to attach photos of her work to this email but can't. She had a problem, just like Jean Haines, the English watercolorist, with theft of her work off of the internet so she must have blocked the images. Go to her website and just enjoy her work. She does a lot of negative painting but makes it look so easy.
Would love to have you join in. I'm going to hold the class to no more than 14 students.
If you're interested contact me immediately. 
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