Day 33: 2012 - Letters of Note

Have only just taken up a brush again.  Paintings look like they did about 5 years ago: sophomoric, badly applied paint - but then, every once in a while, there's a portion of a painting which you really like.  The paints bled together, the color mix was great..........I'm thinking about just cutting these parts out of each painting and making a collage of pieces!  Actually that might be a fun thing to do rather than fill the wastebasket with the test paintings.

In the meanwhile, you find me reading O.P.B.  (Other People's Blogs) and whiling away the morning.  One of my favorite new finds is Letters of Note.  Gossipy, informative, fun.  Enjoy

Here are two of my latest paintings........landscape has never been my forte but I was trying......

And then there's Mark Twain.  Took a portrait painting class (my true love) from Rose Sinatra who's shortly moving "home" to New Jersey.  It was an interesting lesson in painting the shadows first, an unheard of "theory" in portrait, or watercolor painting, in general.  The portrait isn't finished, but it was such an interesting exercise that I thought I'd post it anyway.

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