Day 7: 2012 The Wordle Website

The Verdugo Hills Watercolor Society's latest newsletter had an interesting blogsite mentioned by the editor.  She challenged all of us to go the Wordle website, create a wordle and send it back to her for inclusion in the next newsletter.  It is so darned much fun to create these things.  Take a look at Wordle and then take a look at what I made.  Such fun!!

I am so jealous of this guy. He has the ability to write code like nobody's business. I'd give anything to be that computer savvy.  He was working for/with IBM when he developed this Wordle site, with their blessing. He's now working with Google in Cambridge, Mass and thinks that it's hard being a beginner at Google.  If he thinks that's hard ...................what hope is there for the rest of us wanna-be-nerds!?!


  1. What fun Jill! I had to give it a try:


  2. every1 can try dude

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