Day 1: 2012 "A Great Year Ahead"

I wake up every day determined to both change the world
and have one heck of a good time.
Sometimes this makes planning the day difficult.
E. B. White

Everywhere I go, everyone I talk to, Everyone, absolutely Everyone, is thrilled that 2011 is gone, totally, over, through!  And Everyone is absolutely thrilled that 2012 is here, the year of the Dragon, the year of good things happening to good people.

So here's to 2012, a good year, a good vintage, happiness, friends, having one heck of a good time.......all those things that make life wonderful.

Haven't painted since 2011, before Thanksgiving.  Things get crazy in everyone's lives towards the end of the year and if you haven't figured out how to control yourself and your time? Painting time takes a backseat.

Today, because of a looming deadline of January 31, I painted most of the day away.  The project?
"The Conversation" I've been having with my internet friend Nancie Johnson of New Jersey.  The final version of the "Sketchbook Project" must be postmarked by January 31.  We took the sketchbook issued by the ArtHouseCoop apart and created a conversation based on the book by Milton Glaser and Jean Michel.  I've mentioned this book before because of its fascinating format.  These two men had a long distance conversation with paint.  Whatever was on the right hand edge of a page had to be continued onto the next page by the second painter until the final page of the conversation which was supposed to "wrap around" and connect back to the first page.  I think Nancie and I did a pretty good job (as beginners at this long distance thing) and tomorrow I'll be photocopying it for posterity.  Then I'm going to learn a few bookbinding skills in order to get all of the pages securely back into its cover.

As soon as I finish photographing our work, I'll show you the final progression of the two conversations we had.  We both painted a painting to start the book and I'm planning on mounting one book visible from one side of the Sketchbook and the other book starting at the other, reversed, end of the Sketctchbook.  I know this is all as clear as mud, but perhaps when I can get the pictures up you'll understand more.
And then to complicate my life with a few more deadlines, I entered the Limited Edition Sketchbook Project which has a deadline of April 30.

All of the sketchbooks get digitized by the ArtHouse Coop, which gets their funding from all of us who buy the Sketchbooks and participate.  The books also tour the United States in various cities: This year the tour comes to Los Angeles!!  Last year the tour went through San Francisco and my son and daughter and their friends went and looked up my book and Nancie's book (this is how we met - I commented via the internet on her book) (I think that's how we started) (maybe she commented on my book via blog watching).......

More on Day 2: 2012.

Oh, and in the interim, there was plenty of time to waste cruising around the internet looking at other peoples' blogs.  Found some wonderful stuff out there which I'll be posting.  It's absolutely amazing to me how many talented, talented people there are out there!

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