Day 16: An interesting study of Van Gogh that's going on

A few days ago I came across an article in USA Today, I think. I'm not sure.  Notation of an interesting blogsite regarding the restoration of Van Gogh's "The Bedroom" painting.  Site looks fabulously interesting. Tells the history of the painting and what's happening on a daily/weekly basis as to the restoration of the painting. Take a look:

And I'm still working on the photos of the Charles Reid class so that I can finish off talking about that wonderful class.

Day 15: Back to Karin Jurick for a moment...

While I was off in Concord, California, trying to learn to paint like Charles Reid......but more on that later.

I came home to two emails from two more of Karin Jurick's phenomenal follower fans.  They asked if their portraits of Karin could be included in the  outpouring of "thank you to Karin" if you'll go to Day Three of my posts, you'll see that there's a new title. We're now up to 122 heads painted of Karin. New paintings are at the bottom of the Picasa link and were painted by Michael Boshart and Norine Kevolic.  Thank you to these two new people for wanting to be included even after the due date. My thought has always been "the more the merrier" in wanting to say thanks to Karin's largesse over the last year.  Again thank you Karin and we're all hoping that all of your wonderful paintings on view in the Morris & Whiteside Gallery will sell.

Day 14: Not as enthusiastic as yesterday..... :'((

Yesterday with Charles Reid was so exciting. Very professional model who assumed exactly the same pose every time she returned to "the pose".  Everyone painted like an absolute whiz. We had a critique this morning and he was so complimentary to everyone, found the good spots, downplayed the bad..........we were all "champions of the world" as Roald Dahl said once in a book title.

And then we broke for the night, upbeat one and all.

This morning we had a very interesting live model, Haitian (she had been visiting family and was in Haiti during the earthquake), gorgeous pose, lots of good lighting.  Charles draws, talks about the drawing, talks about certain emphases and then begins to paint.  It all sounds and looks so simple.  (Again, pictures to be posted when I get home to my own computer.)  Charles even made a huge painting blob but then proceeded to rectify it.  You and I would have torn up our paintings and started over but since he was demonstrating, that isn't allowed.

And then we broke for lunch.

And then we broke down. 

The same morning model from this morning, different outfit, and then a second model of color with colorful hair and clothing (neither model would permit a photo even if money was offered..........don't understand that as it would be wonderful to have a reference photo to see what you were actually trying to paint!!)  We all tried to draw what we were seeing but we all agreed that today just wasn't our day.  My drawing was good, my painting I didn't like at all. I set it aside and quickly drew just the head and shoulders (we're supposed to be drawing full body/gestural poses) and started again to paint. Charles came by and gave me several suggestions as to the first painting and said that sometimes we discard paintings long before we should. So I picked it up and tried to work on it a bit more.  Still not satisfied with all the dripping colors!!

Tomorrow, another model, another demonstration, no critique....

I've made arrangements for Charles to come to Pasadena, CA in May 2011.  Hope to see some of you there.

Day 13: Charles Reid!!

I'm in Concord, California taking a class from Charles Reid! Whoopee!! Will have photos to post of the process when I get home and have access to my own computer, but I just wanted to say how excited I am to be taking a class from this "Master"!.  About 20 people, men and women, wonderful painters one and all. Today Charlie demonstrated all morning, painting from a model, talking all the while. Then in the afternoon, we painted from one of two models.............Tomorrow morning a critique.  Such fun.

I finally put together the photos from one session with Charles Reid. One young model in bib overalls. It's wonderful to watch the "start" of one of Charles' paintings to see how the face emerges.  Enjoy.   Charles Reid
I've heard from two more people who wanted in on the Karin Jurick Thank You Project so again, when I get home, I will upload their paintings to the Picasa site so that all of Karin's fans can view the latest works of art.

Signing off now.  Talk again later.  Jill.

Day 12: A painting challenge, a fun site...

Took a look at what Carol Marine was up to today - wonderful as always, and she mentioned Steve Worthington's request of her to paint a mouse.............Intrigued I went to Steve's much fun!!! Be sure and watch the video of the "Thrilla from Manila", scary music and all!!

Then a nice woman, Dana Marie at  has a new challenge painting every two weeks. Her followers send her photos of interesting things to paint, she chooses a photo and posts it, we paint it and upload a jpeg to her site (with her permission of course).  Take a look and see if it gets you painting!!